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For some businesses Shopify is just a slice of their path to online commerce. For businesses with very specific needs not met we can often connect, integrate or enhance the platform with externals, reliably and with industry leading partners and technologies.

  • Custom Apps
  • Theme App Extensions
  • Plus Scripting for Checkout
  • Your own Subscriptions, Inventory and Fulfillment Management

Customize your Store!


Your business will grow faster only when it runs the way you need it to run, not the way the defaults run it.

  • Dropshipping Integration
  • Fulfillent Services
  • Inventory Management
  • Multi Store and Locations
  • Customize your Theme
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    One of the fascinating things about computer hardware is of course the software we can run on the hardware. Some people only know computers as keyboards and screens that they use to type some daily work, not giving it much thought. Others at a slightly higher level might care about whether they are using Windows or Mac, simply because they get used to one or the other, and cannot easily switch...

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