Straight-up, Old School, Shopify Consulting Direct link to this section

You might have a question. I have answered many thousands. Am I confident all my answers are correct today? No. A question someone asked me fifteen years ago about Shopify received an answer to the best of my ability, fifteen years ago. Perhaps that has not aged well. Shopify has improved in the meantime! Note that I do not deal with marketing or advertising, or how to get noticed. My focus is on the more technical aspects of running your business.

For all its improvements, many aspects of using Shopify remain consistent. There are things you can do without effort, other things that require some effort, and yet more that fall under the rubric of install some App, and hope it bails you out without causing you too much pain. I do not fix those Apps, or for the most part even attempt to try and figure out what they do. Life is too short!

So I will sell a package of five or ten hours to be your remote, always available CTO for Shopify.

Custom Apps Direct link to this section

Whether you need an App for your shipping, fulfillment, inventory management, pricing, or other uses, I can usually come up something pretty effective in short order. I have easily built out over 200 Apps, with a few even in the Shopify App store. These days you can use Apps to add custom sections to your themes which is a direction I am sure most themes will eventually adopt.

Custom Scripts for Plus Direct link to this section

The checkout of Plus stores is scriptable, meaning you can have all sorts of deluxe pricing and shipping rules at your disposal, alleviating the pain points of discount codes, tiered pricing and alterations to your shipping rules. I have written dozens of handy scripts that help Plus stores convert much easier.

Adept with Big Data Direct link to this section

If you have 33 million rows spread across 98 spreadsheets and you want that data available to your Shopify customers, I can help you with that. Scripting is a talent and hard-won skill that I have thirty plus years of practice with. Just ask if you need help with projects like that.