Apps Gallery - My Hall of Fame

When Shopify first released their API and consequently opened up their App store where Apps could be browsed, selected and installed in stores by merchants, I have developed for that environment. The best way to explain it, for all the holes in the Shopify dike, I was inventing a way to plug that hole with an App. As Shopify improved and plugged those holes themselves, my Apps faded from use, and were retired. These Apps are listed here, along with an explanation of some of the many others still in current use. Some of these Apps have easily processed billions of Shopify transaction dollars, while others probably had billions of page views in their very existance of plugging holes. Still others remain very original and while copy cats proliferated in the App store, few eclipsed the Apps I made, in terms of popularity or features. That is more due to the smaller niche markets out there than it is about Shopify or these App ideas.

If you need an App developed to grow your business, I will craft and deploy the code to conform to Shopify's demanding standards, using the best cloud computing platforms and support systems available.