Working at the Lake

| 1 min read

Something I have not really tried too often but it is certainly easier than ever to try. Having a large number of clients accessing and relying on applications running in the cloud is a responsibility since at any given moment, an App could experience trouble and go down. I have tried various services to keep me informed when this happens but they themselves are suspect. I do not trust them much and the real problem is that even if they do reliably inform me of a problem, if I am out of cell phone service or Internet connectivity, the message ends up in a call to dev null.

For this summer, with the kids all raring to go and needing entertainment, it was obvious that moving the family unit to cottage country would be idea. I remembered a place that was recently constructed near Labelle, QC with deluxe chalets complete with wifi, and so that is now a brief homebase from which to both relax and work. The wifi keeps me in touch with the cloud and clients, and the nearby lake keeps me hopping between bathing suits and cutoffs.

A fridge full of beer, a BBQ ready to go at a moments notice, and some nice deck chairs overlooking the forest completes a nice working situation. I could do this full time, but I think the novelty would wear off quickly for the kids. That being said, we have barely explored the local area and intentions remain to explore more by horseback and bikes.

So far the issues of managing the business of cloud computing and client expectations while living closer to the wilds is a good thing.