The we are Sorry! App

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We are all Happy, not! Direct link to this section

Scenario. You are running a very busy Shopify business, closing hundreds of orders per day. Your product is great, Shopify works great, and your customers are by an large happy.

Occasionally, no matter how well things are going, a customer is going to phone up and complain about something. The product was not quite what they expected. The delivery was late. The book was bent. The fruit was soft. The neon green was more like neon taupe. And on and on.

So you pull up their order and you're looking at your Shopify Admin screen.

Order Admin Screen

You installed the We are Sorry! App and now you have that link at your disposal. You click it and the magic happens. The App looks up the customer, generates a 10% one time use discount for them, and fires off an email to them with the good news. The results speak for themselves.


Customer Email

What an easy way to make your customers happy again. Say you're sorry today!

You can also completely customize the actual discount. It can be cash amount, a percentage, anything you can do with the built-in Marketing tab discount codes.

When Shopify upgrades the Discount Coupon operations, the App will follow suit, so you can take advantage of one-click apologies.

You can see the App in action by trying it for yourself. It currently lives at sorry